Patent Translate

The Patent Translate feature provides machine translations of abstracts, claims and descriptions from English, French and German into any of the 28 official languages of the EPO’s 38 member states, and vice versa, plus from Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian into English, and vice versa.

Patent Translate is a machine translation service which has been specially "trained" to handle elaborate patent vocabulary and grammar. Patent Translate takes a statistical approach, comparing the source document sentence by sentence with millions of patent documents previously translated by human translators.

! Please note that the translations provided by Patent Translate are not legally binding. They are intended to give you the gist of a patent or patent-related document, and to help you determine whether it is relevant.

If you want to read the text of abstracts, descriptions and claims in another language, you can either follow the links to the original documents of the patent family members or use the Patent Translate feature.

Contributing to Patent Translate

The EPO welcomes your feedback on the machine translations produced by Patent Translate .

You can submit your opinion of the translation by selecting one of the rating options in the grey box to the right.

You can help the EPO improve the quality of the translation by submitting your corrected translation for a complete paragraph or for individual words. To submit a correction, click on the relevant text paragraph and follow the instructions.