Smart search

The Smart search mask combines multiple functions into a single, easy-to-use search field so that you can enter your queries with or without field identifiers .

You can enter inventor or applicant names, numbers, dates, keywords and classes in any order without having to specify the search field for each search term. You also do not need to know the exact format of the number – fuzzy logic takes care of that.

The search engine will then "guess" the field identifier and what you meant. At the top of the results list screen, the system tells you how it interpreted your search terms.

Click on Search in the breadcrumb navigation in order to refine your search.

Your first search in Smart search will always be performed in the worldwide database. However, once you have got the results, you can click on Search in the breadcrumb navigation and then select the EP or WIPO databases from the dropdown menu.

For more experienced users, Smart search also accepts command line searches. The query language Smart search understands is CQL (Contextual Query Language). You can use field identifiers, which are predefined codes which have to be entered before the keywords.

For more information on the Smart search function see the following pages: